Collegian Corner by Luis, University of Northern Colorado, Class of 2019

As summer is midway through,  one can’t help but think that even though we just got out of school, we prepare to go back. So far my summer has been composed of working, volunteering, and a very successful trip to St. Louis, MO.

To begin my summer, once I finished my freshmen year at University of Northern Colorado, I headed back to my old elementary school.  During the last 20 days of May I became a Teacher’s Assistant, though not to just any random teacher, but my very own 2nd grade teacher!  For that month, I helped out in her classroom as well as chaperoning a field trip. I got several hours of teaching experience that will help me out in my future career search.  I was also offered a future position when I do my observations or even my student teaching, later down the road in my major as an elementary teacher.P1000210

During this time, I was also in the midst of job searching. As the month ended, I was offered a job at the King Soopers near me.   I now have been working for over a month as a cashier. Luckily this job is allowing me to transfer back up to Greeley so I can work when I go back to school.

Now more recently, I was asked by Julie Allen, Chief Academic Officer at BHGH International, to head down to St. Louis, on an all-expense paid trip to talk to the BHGH International Board of Directors about my experience as a college student. Being the youngest of the three other collegians I felt a little off. Nevertheless, I had an amazing time! I attended a jazz concert as well as the board meeting. During the meeting I showcased my favorite hobby of all time – MAGIC!!! Having practiced magic tricks for 4 years, Julie asked if I was willing to bring some props with me and give the board members a “little mind blowing.”   You might want to watch my Regis Jesuit HS Capstone Project.

While this was a great time I found some amazing chances and opportunities here as well. I was offered two different teaching opportunities. One was to work at the San Francisco BHGH affiliate with their program for the rest of the summer.  The other was to head down to Guatemala and teach students English there.  Since it was short notice, I had to turn both opportunities but the door is open for winter, spring or summer break. I continue to be blessed with the many opportunities that Boys Hope Girls Hope continues to offer me. So thank you to everyone that continues to support us!