Collegian Corner, By Maribel, Colorado Mesa University, Class of 2020

Hi, my name is Maribel, I went to Aurora Central High School and now I am a sophomore at Colorado Mesa University. I am majoring in accounting and I was recently awarded the Reisher Scholarship!

At my university they offer an all-in-one application that by answering a few brief questions, automatically matches you to scholarships that you qualify for. I applied for the Reisher Scholarship and I had three different people look over my essay for tips and to make sure there weren’t any mistakes. In March I got an email saying I had passed to the semifinalist round. The next step was an in-person interview, and from there they were going to choose 10 to 12 students. This summer, I got the wonderful news that I had gotten the scholarship!

Being awarded the Reisher Scholarship means so much to me. Having no student loans after my first year of college has been a relief for me and my family. The time I have saved from not having to work long hours, I spend volunteering in any way that gives back to my community. Since last October, I’ve participated in the CMU Food Recovery Network, which helps gather leftover food from campus outlets and gives them to local agencies that provide food for the homeless in Grand Junction.

I like that part of being a Reisher Scholar there are different activities where you get to go out with the other Reisher Scholars while also do something together to help the community. And just like Boys Hope Girls Hope, they are willing to give you a hand when you are struggling. I love that they are willing to support you on any project as long you are giving back to the community. Depending on the amount you still owe after all types of financial aid goes in the scholarship will almost cover that gap of what you still owe. The scholarship is renewable each year as long you maintain a GPA of 3.0, are enrolled as a full-time student, meet with your academic advisor at least once a year, go to the required Reisher Scholar activities, work a minimum of 10 hours per week, and summit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each fall by October 15th. I feel confident I can do all of those things to keep this amazing Reisher Scholarship!