Collegian Corner by Maribel, Colorado Mesa University, Class of 2020

I just graduated from Aurora Central High School in May and in August I will be attending Colorado Mesa University. In July, I went to CMU with Andy, a fellow Academy graduate and soon to be CMU student, and Elle, our program manager. We took our trip to complete our orientation, take placement tests, and interview for our spots in the TRIO Program.Andy and Maribel Mesa dinner

Overall all my experience at Mesa was great! The test was not something I was looking forward to but honestly I think that it went a lot better than expected. We had a special room to take the test, which made me feel a little more comfortable and less nervous. After our testing was done Elle took us to dinner and I got to see a little of Grand Junction. It was a very calm city and everyone seemed to be very nice. One thing I really liked was staying in the dorms on campus which was pretty cool and a good way to get used to the small space.

The next day was our orientation day.  We got some very useful tips and information to know when we make the move to campus. The one thing that was tough was finding out how full some of our classes were and trying to put together the best schedule possible. Next semester I will be taking Attributes of Living Systems with a lab, College Preparatory Reading & Composition, Health & Wellness, College Reading Studio, and Theatre Appreciation.

In order to prepare myself for the big change I have been reading and writing a lot more in my free time. At work I started to write more emails to my co-workers and I read all my emails, even if it’s not necessary or directed to me. I am reading a book called, The Good Daughter by Jane Porter and have tried to read as many books as I can, so I am prepared for the higher level reading in college.  I have also considered ways to manage my time more efficiently so I won’t be struggling with that in college.

Overall I am very excited and a little nervous. The one thing that I am most excited about is having the opportunity to study abroad. There are so many places that I can explore through the study abroad program at CMU.  I just can’t wait until my junior year when I can hopefully take advantage of that opportunity!

My first day of classes is on Monday, August 22nd and we move into our new tiny dorms on Friday, August 19th. I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone by and with my classes now chosen I am anxiously awaiting my transition to a college student!

Thank you for making this all possible!  I will take full advantage of the scholarships provided to me.