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Collegian Corner, by Yishak, University of Colorado Denver, Class of 2021

My name is Yishak and I am a freshman at University of Colorado Denver. I am a biology major and also in the pre-med program. I was fortunate enough, with the help of BHGH, to get accepted into the BA/BS-MD(Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Medical Doctor) program here at CU Denver. This is a highly competitive program in which 10 incoming freshmen students from all of Colorado are picked to participate. The program is one that guarantees acceptance into the Anschutz School of Medicine after 4 years of undergraduate here at CU Denver. As long as I fulfill GPA and MCAT requirements, I have a reserved spot at the school of medicine. This is a huge opportunity for me because I know that I want to practice medicine and the program gives me a clear path to reach my goal. I am also fortunate to be a Daniels Fund Scholar. Again, with the help and support of BHGH staff, I was able to receive this prestigious scholarship. The scholarship is a full ride (covering both tuition and room and board), for all 4 years. Because of the help I got from the BHGH program, I am attending college for free and have a clear path to Medical School.

I am currently taking 16 credit hours for this semester. The BA/BS-MD program has advisors that make my schedule in accordance with the requirements of the School of Medicine. I am currently taking Honors General Biology, Honors General Chemistry, Psychology, Calculus, General Biology Lab, and Honors General Chemistry Lab. One thing that is very challenging with a schedule like this one is that I have to learn to be organized and manage my time efficiently. There are many things due throughout the week and if I don’t manage my time correctly, I will end up missing a few. Another challenge is being able to make the initiative to talk to teachers and ask for help. Unlike high school, it is my job to make sure I know everything and ask questions. Apart from the challenges, there are many things that I like about college. I get to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. It also has many resources in place to help students with virtually any need they have. Finally, it is in middle of a vibrant city with many attractions and opportunities.

I feel that I am much more prepared for college because of BHGH. High School was very easy and not challenging however, BHGH made me develop study habits and time management skills that I am finding to be very essential at this point in my life. Apart from helping me with countless essays and applications for scholarships, BHGH has been a key support system for me to get here. I have had the opportunity to learn professionalism and communication skills that are coming in handy in this new environment. I feel that I am able to communicate with my professors and utilize all my resources due to the skills that I learned from BHGH. I am very grateful for being part of this program and could never thank the administration and staff of BHGH enough for helping me make my dreams a reality.