Collegian Corner: Laura, University of Colorado Boulder, Class of 2019

My first semester of college was a bit off the mark on what I would have liked it to be. I overestimated the level of work I would be able to take on and the amount of time I would have to complete necessary tasks. I found myself overwhelmed with my school life and lacking a social life and time for myself. This semester, being a fresh start, I feel better prepared now that I know what things work and what things don’t. Skipping meals, pulling all-nighters, and not taking breaks during hours of nonstop homework and studying are not the ways to go. I have learned from my first semester. My days now consist of waking up early, exercising, eating 3 to 4 meals, going to classes, doing homework in between, and calling it a day before midnight.


Now that I have adjusted my lifestyle and have developed better time management skills I feel more energized, my attention span has increased, and I am able to take information in more efficiently. All of these things are helping me keep up with my assignments and exams and I find myself performing better academically. I might have to readjust some things after seeing how well midterms go this week. But that’s okay. Because life in general is about taking challenges on and if things don’t go well you develop a different plan for approach and try again.


I am proud to say I am a neuroscience major. My dream has always been to go into the medical field, and I am so proud of myself for making it this far. What I am striving for is not an easy career, but with my level or persistence and determination that BHGH has helped developed and strengthened, I know I can do it. My mom, my four younger siblings, and everyone else out there watching from afar waiting to see what great things I will accomplish is what keeps me going.


Thank you!