Collegian Update

aaliyah roommate
Aaliyah and Gabby

Aaliyah enjoyed her first year at Xavier University, and had so many laughs and good times.  At first she did not have any roommates because the roommates she was supposed to have decided to go to other schools, and she had a triple room to herself for 2 months.  Having the room to herself caused Aaliyah to find friends outside of her dorm and open up and be outgoing.  She made so many friends and was so happy to have these new people in her life.  Aaliyah was so thankful that she was experiencing college with friends.  By the end of the first semester she had two roommates Gabby and Ronnie.  As first semester ended she was happy with her grades, her friendships, and roommates and she couldn’t wait to be back from Christmas Break.

As second semester rolled around Aaliyah was so happy to get back, start classes and continue to have fun with her friends, but school had a different plan.  Her classes second semester were a little more difficult and she had harder professors.  Aaliyah’s mid-term grades weren’t where she wanted or needed them to be, and she had to take a step back from her social life and crack down.  After focusing more on her grades she lost some of her closest friends, and what she learned was that some people are meant to be in your life and some aren’t.  It was rough, but it was a lesson Aaliyah had to learn.  She finished her second semester with friends and people in her life who wanted to be there, and with a 3.2 GPA!  She is proud of her grades and the lessons she learned.aaliyah xavier

Now it is summer and Aaliyah has already begun to plan for next semester, and how she wants next semester to be.  She is planning on working really hard on finding a job next semester, hopefully work study, but if not work study she will look off campus and take the bus to work.  Aaliyah also plans on becoming more involved in clubs and meeting new people through clubs, and applying for internships, and alternative community service breaks.  She has learned a lot about herself, life, and people during her first year of college, and she cannot wait to learn more and more for the next 3 years.  Aaliyah truly appreciates everyone’s contribution to Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado, because without you she wouldn’t be able to  experience these things at Xavier University.


Alexis’ freshman year at Fort Lewis College was amazing!  Though it had some setbacks, like needing to change roommates or having some close friends already leave after the first semester and year, it was still a great year.  She made great connections with her teachers, RAs and RDs from her building as well as others, and even other staff and faculty members.  She was highly involved with student housing and became Cooper Hall President for RHA (Resident Hall Assocation).  Alexis started out as a hall representative for ROCA (Residents on Campus Association) and soon became ROCA’s VP of Business.  She also got the opportunity to work at the Durango Welcome Center as a Fort Lewis College Representative and will continue this job during her sophomore year.  Being so involved with housing, she was also given the opportunity to become a Summer RA.  She loves it so far, and it’s pretty easy so it allows her to explore Durango during the summer.  Alexis also got the chance to become a part of the Finish in Four program at the school which maps out the classes she will be taking until she graduates and guarantees that she gets every class she signs up for as well as a $1,000 scholarship.  She got most of her prereqs out of the way freshman year, so the majority of her classes for next year will be for her major, which is still International Business.  Alexis took Principles of International Business this past spring term and loved it so she has decided to stick with her major.  She made some great friendships and will actually be living with 2 friends off campus next year.  She can’t wait to see what their apartment will look like!  Thank you for helping my freshman year of college (and the many more years to come) become possible!