Committing to Doing Your Best

When was the last time you committed to doing your best?  How about stating your goals publically? It can be intimidating to say you are going to lose those 10 pounds or change careers or run a marathon.  What happens if you don’t make that goal?  What will people think? 

At the beginning of the school year, our scholars commit and they commit publically to doing their best.  Our Commitment Ceremony is the highlight of the year for me.  Our board, our staff, scholar mentors and the scholars’ families gather to support them in their commitment to Boys Hope Girls Hope. 

This year our scholars committed to higher GPA’s, PR’s in pole vaulting, learning to drive safely, blocking punts in football.  There are more goals but you get the idea.  The goals are tailored to each scholar – they made them and Boys Hope Girls Hope is going to help them achieve them.  There are some lofty goals they want to achieve.  We’d love your help!  Contact our office if you would like to get involved, 720-524-2061 or

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this video of our Commitment Ceremony!  BHGH Commitment Ceremony 2011