Congressman Mike Coffman visits with Boys Hope Girls Hope Scholars

Congressman Mike Coffman and Eveli, a BHGH scholarCongressman Mike Coffman visited with Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH) scholars at Aurora Central High School (ACHS) on Friday, March 20, 2015.  Congressman Coffman, a former attendee of ACHS, listened to the scholars talk about the challenges they face achieving their goal of high school graduation and attending college.

Congressman Coffman spoke about his experiences in the military, the career choices he made and the difference specific people had on his life.  He encouraged the scholars to take advantage of the opportunities the BHGH program offers them.  The scholars were very interested in how he made the decision to go into the military and the influential people in his life.  They also asked policy questions on topics such as education, immigration and foreign policy.  Most of the scholars live in Congressman Coffman’s district and they were curious about the challenges of the district.  He discussed the cultural differences of such a diverse population in his district.  That diversity is also reflected in the BHGH program. IMG_6931