Curiosity + Courage = Success

I attended Aurora Central High School when I heard about Regis Jesuit High School. All I knew was it was a private school. When my friend Jose, who was originally going to Aurora Central, said he was going to Regis Jesuit, I didn’t feel much.  Of course I was curious but overall, I was happy for him because he really wanted go to Regis Jesuit HS. 

I would see Jose whenever Boys Hope Girls Hope met and he would tell me his amazing experiences at Regis Jesuit – the great friends he has made and the education Regis Jesuit provides for their students.  

As time went by I got more and more curious as I got to hear more about Regis Jesuit. Jose would tell me about all the opportunities and it was so fascinating to me. When I told a Boys Hope Girls Hope staff member that I wanted to go to Regis Jesuit, there weren’t any openings at that time. They told me that maybe next year there might be space. I was sad, but I still had hope for going to Regis Jesuit. 

I was so happy when I heard the exciting news that I could submit an application over the 2018 summer. It was the greatest news I had  received that summer! I filled out my application and Laura, Emily and Mary Fran helped me with the application. I finished my application as soon as possible because I didn’t want to miss out on anything. When I got accepted to Regis Jesuit and went to the orientation, I felt like I was home. It was just perfect. The teachers!  The students! How the girls division was divided!  It was just perfect for me! 

When I started school I automatically connected with many people. The first few weeks were definitely hard for me.  I had to turn my papers in on the iPad. Turning in my assignments and emailing teachers with the iPad were all new things and I am still getting used to it honesty.  

But as time goes by, I am getting closer to the teachers and students. I have created new memories at the football games, clubs that I am involved in and sports I am playing. I am so grateful for Boys Hope Girls Hope and Regis Jesuit High School for letting me see and experience this amazing opportunity.  Thank you!