Denver Broncos Quarterback Club hosts BHGH Scholars

DBQC4Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars had a great treat last weekend.  A dozen scholars were driven to the Denver Bronco’s game in Bronco SuperFan, Ralph the Limo Drivers Bronco Limo.  The afternoon started with rain, but once we got into the limo (and out of the rain) the fun began.  The kids cranked up the stereo and began to relax, laugh, and have fun.


Once we got to the stadium, we quickly found our tailgate party and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, sodas, playing corn hole, and tossing the football around.  We noticed that the Broncos’ Drum line was entertaining groups in the parking, so one of our board members convinced them to come over to our spot and give us our own individual performance.  It was truly amazing to see some of the more quiet kids really come out of their shell…everyone was laughing and really seemed to enjoy the evening so far!


DBQC2After eating hot dogs, chips, etc., I was privileged to personally hand each scholar their 4th row ticket to the game and $20 to enjoy snacks inside the stadium (tickets donated by the Quarterback Club, and snack money compliments of David Jewell).  During the game, I saw that several of the kids were shown on the giant screen…they always show candid video of people in the stadium between plays, etc.  I’m sure that they won’t forget that part either.


Once the game was over and we made our way back to the limo, the fun continued all the way back to Aurora Central as the kids cranked up the stereo once more and continued to enjoy the evening until the very last moment.  


Thank you Denver Broncos Quarterback Club for making this opportunity possible!!