Discipline through Hardship

Armonium, Collegian

University of Colorado-Denver

Discipline through Hardship

Discipline from my college experience so far is the most important thing I have learned. Lack of preparedness from high school left me having to struggle in the beginning of my semester. I wasn’t well prepared for college chemistry and biology and as a pre-med student, I am required to take lots of chemistry and biology classes. Nevertheless, I was able to dig into my core value of dedication and overcome the difficulty. Another thing I have learned in college is how to study. I never had to study much in high school. I just had to do lots of homework and worksheets. But in college, I had to learn how to take notes in class and study it along with the book. I even had to schedule study time for every class depending on difficulty.

College so far has been a great experience. I have learned a lot about myself and developed as a student and an individual in general. I am grateful for the supports BHGH gives me. Thank you!