Eddy’s Adventure at the DAM

EddyBy Eddy F.

The trip to Denver Art Museum was a very exciting experience. The building itself was amazing. Just the shape of the building really showed very good artistic value and craftsmanship. The way the art was arranged was very helpful and very compelling because they had set it up so I could find what I wanted to see and I found that very useful.  The activities that were setup in the museum made very hands on, interesting and fun. Overall, the trip to the Denver Art Museum was amazing.

The one art piece that stood out to me was panting a named “Independence Pass” by Daniel Sprick. This panting was of a very realistic river on the border of a stream. This stood out to me because it reminded me of a river I had seen back in the mountains in my birth place of Boulder, Colorado. It reminds me of my love for the wilderness and that nature is around us everywhere. Overall, this panting sort of brings me peace and calms me down and this gives me such amazing memories of me and my family.