Education is empowering – Natalie Lyon

Tracy: Where did you grow up?  If you did not grow up in Denver, how did you end up in Denver?
Natalie: I grew up in New York. I had the opportunity to ski the Rocky Mountains in my teens, quickly realized, big blue sunny skies all winter long makes for happiness. When it came time for college there was only one place I wanted to be. It was a great move!

Tracy: What area(s) do you volunteer with BHGH?
Natalie: I am on the Program Committee. I have enjoyed hosting dinner and game nights at my house with my family and the boys. I have mentored two scholars, and helped launch the school based enrichment program at Annunciation Catholic school. One of the best outings was taking Jesus and Stephanie back to Annunciation to see all of their friends and teachers during the festival weekend in the spring.

Tracy: What other causes are you involved in within the community?
Natalie: St. Mary’s Academy, Girls, Inc. and Escuela de Guadalupe

Tracy: Why do you care about kids and education?
Natalie: Education is empowering. It is at the heart of social and economic development as well as reducing poverty and inequality.

Tracy: If you could give the scholars one piece of advice about growing up and being a successful college graduate, what would you tell them?
Natalie: Surround yourself with positive people, hold yourself accountable, and attend every class.
But if kids can only listen to one thing I’d say “There are three things to do in college:  Study, Sleep, Party, but you can only pick 2 at any given time.” It is important to establish priorities and time manage in order to do them.

Tracy: What’s your favorite part of being involved with BHGH?
Natalie: One on one time with the kids.  Catching up with my past mentee who graduated from Regis in 2008. We continue to problem solve together.

Tracy: If you could tell the whole world why BHGH is important, what would you say?
Natalie: BHGH is important because it gives a child the promise and potential to succeed at a time in their life when it might not be feasible.  We can either provides a home or a school based enrichment program that includes a good education, support from outside services, stability to grow and learn, and nurtured by many. The most important is to be blessed with advocates in your corner who only want you to succeed!