Fatima Shares Her New Journey as Regis Jesuit HS Freshman

My name is Fatima and I am just beginning my journey with Boys Hope Girls Hope and with Regis Jesuit High School.  This is an experience that will be forever in my memories. Everyone warned me that this would be the worst time period of my life, but so far high school has been the best experience in all my years attending school.  With the help of Boys Hope Girls Hope, I have been able to adjust to life in high school.  I have joined Ceramics club and I have been able to train for tryouts on the basketball team.  I have also made a bunch of new friends, who I thought I would never make.

Through Boys Hope Girls Hope, I have met people who feel like family already.  It feels good to come to Boys Hope Girls Hope at the end of the day, where I can be with others who understand me and relate to me and to my life.  High school has been an amazing adventure. I cannot wait to complete the rest of this mission with all my friends and family and most importantly Boys Hope Girls Hope who are there to guide me on the way.