Meet Regis Jesuit High School Sophomore Scholar Fatima

Fatima is a Sophomore scholar at Regis Jesuit High School.  She is a part of several honors classes this year, including Chemistry, Geometry, Spanish and English.  She is working hard this year to make honor roll every semester and build good relationships with all of her teachers.  As a part of Boys Hope Girls Hope, Fatima also performs service hours every semester and enjoys doing things for other people.

Fatima also loves participating in sports.  Currently, she is a part of open gym basketball and plans to run track or join the golf team in spring.

Her hobbies include working out, cooking, baking, playing football, and just listening to music.  During quarantine she became really good at baking.  In fact, she has started a small side business and you’ll typically find her baking cupcakes on the weekends for friends or family that have ordered them for special occasions.

Fatima also has a penchant for design and fashion.  While she’d love to be able to build a career in that area, she is also interested in helping others in the medical field.  Her dream schools include UCLA and Duke.  She does have a dream of becoming a cardiologist.

Her mother’s dream for her is to find something she loves and make a living doing it.  As long as she is happy in her chosen field, she knows she will make her family proud.