Finally at the Finish Line! Maria shares memories of her high school experience 

Finally at the Finish Line! Maria shares memories of her high school experience 

I can’t believe my high school graduation is finally here! I am happy to have the opportunity to share some memories and highlights with all of you. Thank you for supporting Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado! 

Most memorable senior year moments: Collecting over 600 pairs of socks for people experiencing homelessness during our Sock Drive, organizing a “Know Your Rights” seminar for undocumented members of the community, reaching national qualifiers for Speech and Debate, being captain of the ACHS swim team. 

Favorite memory at ACHS: Joining swim team without knowing how to swim— truly a sink or swim moment. 

Most grateful for: The support and friendship of fellow BHGH Scholar Lorena.  

Favorite BHGH memory: Touring University of Northern Colorado. At that moment, I totally saw myself there but didn’t think it would be possible financially. With a lot of hard work and scholarship applications, I am excited to say that I will be a Bear in the fall. Go Bears!  

What I’ll miss most about BHGH at ACHS: Having a place to go and people to support me. I will really miss the sense of community. And the snacks; especially the goldfish and Cheez-Its. 

Favorite community service activity: Denver Rescue Mission. 

I didn’t think I could, but I did:  Lorena convinced me to join Speech and Debate my junior year. I like immersing myself in another character and portraying that character. At first, I had terrible stage fright, but practice and repetition helped. Slowly, I gained confidence and was able to perform in front of others. 

 In college, I really want to…: I plan on auditioning for plays and being involved with the theater community. Also, I would love to study abroad in Spain or South Korea. 

Possible major: Looking into international relations and journalism and communications.  

Life goals: I would love to teach English abroad at some point in my life.  

How I stay focused: I like learning. I see my own weaknesses and want to keep improving. I want to become the best version of myself, so I try to give everything my all. That’s what keeps me going. 

Best advice I’ve received: College is an investment in yourself. Stay motivated and go for it! 

Advice for younger scholars: Have good communication with your teachers; I feel like my teachers know my strengths and weaknesses and are able to help me more because of this. Don’t procrastinate. Get involved in high school; find an active club or sport to join.  It’s a good distraction from school work and a good way to find your passion.