Resident’s Corner at the Girls Hope Home

Hi my name is Stephanie.  I’m a scholar at the Girls Hope home. This year I started 7th grade at St. Therese School.  My grades are good so far this year and I am working hard on doing well!  The BHGH staff helps me with my homework and makes sure I stay focused during our study time.  This helps me to reach my goals.  My plans are to go to college, and to become a singer, an architect, or an Air Force pilot. I will hopefully be starting voice lessons soon so that I can get better at singing.  My favorite singer is Kelly Clarkson and I hope I can be like her someday.  I have started playing basketball at school again this year.  It is my favorite sport and I will be happy if we have a good team!  I also got braces this year with the help of BHGH.

I’ve been with BHGH for a year in January, and they have given me support when I’m sick, a home to live in that is a family (even though I have a great family that I love at home), and have helped me learn how to respect other people.  This new family is stricter, which helps me be prepared for school and the real world.  We have dinner together all the time, which helps us to be there for each other if we had a bad day, or we can tell jokes that happened with our friends from school if we had a good day.  I hope to have a good year this year and to work hard so that I can be like my big brother, who attends the Colorado School of Mines, when I am older.  BHGH is helping me to get there.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunities!