Giving Hope Campaign

The scholars of Boys Hope Girls Hope have a world of potential within them. 
Education is the key that unlocks it. 

Thanks to you, Boys Hope Girls Hope has a solid foundation. We are proud of our recent successes, most notably the opening of the RaNae Magness Carpenter Girls Hope home in January, 2010 and the creation of the School Based Enrichment Program.  It is through your generosity that we have been able to address the needs of young ladies, along with young men. 

Providing Help.
Helping promising children realize their potential is at the core of what Boys Hope Girls Hope does.  Providing an excellent education is indispensable to showing children what they are capable of and empowering them to achieve it. 

Most of our scholars will be the first generation to attend college; many will be the first generation to complete high school.  Our scholars have average family income of 73% of federal poverty standards, or less than 48% of economic self-sufficiency (defined by the Colorado Center on Law and Policy; weighted for family size/ages).  For a single parent and child, this is an annual income of about $13,000. Almost all of our scholars are from communities of color.

Giving Hope.
The Giving Hope Campaign is creating a steady stream of operations funding.  To date, we have reached 76% of our goal through individual donations.  These individuals are committing to support Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado for three years.  This support gives Boys Hope Girls Hope the ability to “count on” specific funding, allowing us to focus on additional fundraising.

Will you join us in the support of our scholars?  Make a three year gift towards the on behalf of girls and boys in-need who are academically capable, motivated and deserve a chance to succeed.  Together, we can make a difference. 

Budgeted Program Expenses – Direct Assistance to Youth

House Parent (6)      $24,500 – $30,000  
Americorps                $2,600   
   Volunteer (3)   
Electricity                         $4,900   
Gas                                        $3,900   
Water/Sewer                     $2,550   
Telephone/Internet       $5,000   
Insurance                            $2,900   
Maintenance/Repair      $4,350   
Furnishings &                    $3,000    
   Domestic Supplies    

Assistance to Youth   
Food                                            $15,000   
Clothing                                      $1,600
Medical                                       $7,850 ($6,100 in-kind)
Tuition                                        $89,250 ($77,500 in-kind)
Books/Supplies/Dues           $8,250
Allowances                                $4,800
Birthday/Christmas gifts     $650
Outside Entertainment         $1,120
Professional Counseling       $20,000 (in-kind)
Summer Programs                  $450
Athletic/Recreation               $1,200 
Gasoline                               $11,500
Maintenance/Repair      $8,500
Insurance                            $4,500