Group Mentoring by R’ron, Aurora Central High School, Class of 2018

I have been an Academy Scholar for just over two years and in this time I have participated in a lot of things I never thought that I would. One of the things I didn’t expect to ever do was be a part of a book club.  This was part of the group mentoring program, as well as completing some reading from our R.I.P. (Read. Investigate. Prepare) reading list.

At our first meeting there were short presentations on the books selected for this cycle. We chose our books, divided into our groups and got to know one another.  The group mentors read the book with us and lead the discussion.  We start each session with an icebreaker so that we get to know a little more about each other. The icebreaker that I enjoyed the most was “Two Truths and A Lie.” It is a game where each member tells three facts about themselves and the rest of the scholars and the mentor had to guess which one was a lie. I enjoyed this one the most because we find out some really interesting facts about the people in our group that we might not hear about otherwise.


After the icebreaker, we discuss the book we are reading. We talk about what we think the moral of the book is and how some of those things apply to our world today. The mentor was in charge of the group, but the scholars do a lot of the talking and sharing of ideas. Usually we talk about what is going on in a certain chapter or part in the book and discuss how it is similar to the lives we live in today. We also get to know each other a little more each time we meet. Last year I read The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I really enjoyed the book’s storyline. The book is about a young girl living in the American South during the 1960’s. There are many themes in this book and it makes you think about how life must have been during that time. It was cool hearing what all the mentors thought of their books too.

I would say that my favorite part of these meetings is that each time we meet we get to know the scholars and mentors a little more and I really like that about these groups. I feel that over time I have built some really good relationships with some of my group members and mentors.

Interested in being a Group Mentor?  Want to join our book club?  Our first meeting is September 21. Contact Reanna Driver to learn more. Some of the books we read last year are Secret Life of Bees, The Book Thief, The Cellist of Sarajevo, Outcasts United, Enrique’s Journey, Ender’s Game, and Chinese Cinderella. This fall we will be reading This I Believe, a series of essays from NPR. We hope to see you there!