Happy Thanksgiving

T    is for Thanksgiving.  At Thanksgiving, I remember to be thankful for God, my family, and this scholarship.        Adan

photo by Jaime Leigh Photography

H     is for Hope.  Being part of this program gives me hope for my future.     Darwyn

A    is for All the people here tonite.  I’m thankful you came to spend time with us.  Ahmarri

N     is for New friends.  I’m thankful for the people I have met this year.       Darwyn

K      is for Kindness.  I am thankful for the kindness that the house and all the donors have demonstrated over my time at Boys Hope.      Andres

S       is for the Support and love my family gives me and for the success I will get out of Girls Hope.  Stephanie

G      is for Generous.  I’m thankful for God’s creations and that he made me unique and special.  Also for the generous people at the Girls Hope house, like Stephanie, Aaliyah and Alexis.      Carolina

I        is for Intelligence.  I’m thankful that St. Therese and Girls Hope encourages me to be intelligent in everything I do.           Carolina

V    is for Values.  I’m thankful for the values that my family, friends and others have instilled in me.  Stephanie

I    is for Integrity.  I’m thankful that Regis Jesuit High School has strengthened my integrity.  Andres

N   is for Never giving up.  I’m thankful for my choice to never give up on my decision to move here because then I would never have made it here. Alexis

G      is for Giving.  I’m thankful for all the things God has given me, including my family, my mom, my mentor Susan, and all the opportunities I have had. Aaliyah