A Heavenly Day at the Art Museum, by Elias

Unknown By Elias R.

On February 17, I had the opportunity to visit the Denver Art Museum with two other scholars, Eddy and Destiny. I really enjoyed the trip because it was fun and I saw some interesting art work. The weird thing about art is that if you are considered a good artist you can really do whatever comes up to your mind first and it would be considered a great piece of art. There are many ways to see how art is made in the Art Museum because there are many subjects to look at there. The Art Museum taught me many things and I had favorites such as the Woman of Clay and Two Champions, but my favorite part was Heavenly Toaster.

The Heavenly Toaster was created by Luis Tapia in 2008. Tapia liked to create traditional Hispanic crafts that arose during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Like many other craft artists he did not have formal art training but learned through his study of Hispanic carvings in the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. What I liked about this piece of art is that it applies to my religion and it was colorful so it stood out. Also this piece of art was one of the only pieces of art that I saw that was a totally original idea. The Heavenly Toaster was painted on carved wood and was a gift to the museum from Nancy Bencent. I can’t wait to see more art soon.