Highlighting Excellence in Community Involvement – Patrick McCarthy

Tracy: Where are you from, and how did you end up in Denver?

Patrick: I am originally from Detroit and moved to Denver for work.

Tracy: What area(s) do you volunteer with BHGH?

Patrick: I am a board member and chair of the Development Committee.

Tracy: What other activities are you involved in, within the community?

Patrick: Community involvement includes: Leadership Program of the Rockies, Legatus, University Detroit Jesuit High School Board, Colorado Innovative DRugs, Devices and Diagnostics Advisory Board, and previously worked with Colorado Youth Tennis Association and our Home Owners Association Board

Tracy: If you could have a dinner party with any three people in history, who would you invite?

Patrick: Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan and Christ

Tracy: How did you hear about BHGH, and how long have you been involved?

Patrick: I was introduced to BHGH when I was in high school in Detroit and I have continued to be involved since moving to Denver.

Tracy: Why is it important to you, to support causes in the community?

Patrick: Local involvement/leadership allows me to “see” change and watch it grow. I believe that to make a big difference you need to start at home and in your community. Others will emulate if they see good things happening.

Tracy: You could invest your philanthropic resources with many different nonprofits. Why is giving to BHGH important to you and your family?

Patrick: Because I can put names and faces to real people with real lives with the dollars I donate and KNOW that the scholars will develop more fullly— if even just a little from the experience and the structure of the program at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado.