Hope in Motion

Another fundraising event we are kicking off is Hope in Motion.  For six years, we have done the Marathon of Hope, which has raised over $230,000 for Boys Hope Girls Hope.  Hope in Motion is designed for all you athletes who don’t run 26.2 miles.  You can join the Hope in Motion team and support us by running your race, biking to the finish line, swimming your triathlon, or hiking the mountain.  You choose the sport and Boys Hope Girls Hope provides the motivation and tools for you to meet your goal while helping others. 

 ESM Denver MarathonWe would like to thank ESM for providing our first Hope in Motion teams.  Two teams ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Marathon on Sunday, October 17th:  Benjamin Feliciano, Marcia Helminen, Bill Hessel, Elizabeth King, Merri Matson, Rob Mazur, Lisa Odenheimer and Sunil Sharma.

For more information, please contact Lauren Price at 720-524-2061 or visit our website.