Is cursive writing a thing of the past?

Ah, cursive writing!! Do you remember the hours of practice to learn to write those perfect loops and swirls, and the satisfaction of finally getting that capital G just right? Could it be that handwriting is soon to be a lost art, swept away by technology like so many other things in our lives?

A recent article in the Denver Post seems to conclude as much.

As parents, relatives, neighbors, fellow church members, mentors and friends, it’s our responsibility to prepare all children with adequate skills to prosper in our world. Is good handwriting one of those skills? What would a cursive-free world look like?

Computers, iPads, smart phones and handhelds are taking over the communication playing field for sure, and many of us would admit to a deterioration of our own handwriting. That may seem like proof that cursive is outdated, but all of those modes of communication drop at least some element of personal touch. Let’s face it, in our increasingly speedy world, the personal touch is getting lost in the digital shuffle. We’ve all received an email or text that was completely void of emotion (smileys don’t cut it!) and realized that without emotion, the message could be taken any of several ways. There are simply situations where a more personal means of communication is necessary.

We at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado contend that technology, as advanced as it might be, can enhance but never completely take the place of a phone call, a face to face meeting or a handwritten note. We feel there’s a greater need to develop those interpersonal skills than ever before.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! (Feel free to send a hand-written note in cursive)