Jennifer Gale – When the Scholars Succeed, We All Succeed

Tracy: Where did you grow up?  If you did not grow up in Denver, how did you end up in Denver?
Jennifer: I grew up in Wheat Ridge Colorado.

Tracy: What area(s) do you volunteer with BHGH?
Jennifer: I started my volunteer opportunities with the Boys Hope Home and providing meals twice a year.    I have volunteered at the Food Bank of the Rockies to help support both homes.  I helped with the Girls Hope Home remodel.  I also have helped with the School Based Enrichment Program at Annunciation and Presentation Catholic Elementary Schools.  I have enjoyed the past year serving as the President of the Circle of Hope.

Tracy: What other causes are you involved in within the community?
Jennifer: Now that my youngest child is graduating from high school, I also will be volunteering for the Adoption Exchange and St. Vincent de Paul Society at St Mary Parish in Littleton.

Tracy: Why do you care about kids and education?
Jennifer: It is just an inner calling that I have.  I have always enjoyed helping in the school library and classroom when my boys were in elementary school.  It is fun and rewarding to see the children succeed while they are learning.

Tracy: If you could give the scholars one piece of advice about growing up and being a successful college graduate, what would you tell them?
Jennifer: That they will have a better chance at succeeding in life if they have a college education and then they can pass that experience on to their own families.

Tracy: What’s your favorite part of being involved with BHGH?
Jennifer: All the new and interesting people that I have met during the last two years.

Tracy: If you could tell the whole world why BHGH is important, what would you say?
Jennifer: Boys Hope Girls Hope is a family.  Everyone who is involved belongs to our family. When the scholars succeed, we all succeed. Why wouldn’t everyone want to belong to our family?!?!!