Jerkuei’s Spring Break Service Work at Annunciation

Jerkuei photo 2014By Jerkuei

Over spring break I decided to go back to my middle school, Annunciation. Annunciation is a Pre K-8th grade Catholic School located in Denver. I helped around the gym and revisited some classes. Helping around the gym was harder than I thought, because you would need a lot of energy for the little ones. Marc, the physical education teacher, switched up the games to basketball just for me which was great. I went for around 3 gym classes then headed up to the classrooms. I went back into the classes to see what the middle schoolers were learning about. Looking back I questioned myself on why these concepts were hard. I stuck around the math class because it is my best subject, and aided the students. At one point I learned that two of the 8th graders were accepted into Regis. Overall it was a fun experience and I would like to do it again.