Job Shadow: Kaylene Visits Hogan Lovells

by Kaylene B.Kaylene goal

My trip to the Hogan Lovells law firm was first arranged after meeting Mr. Scot Anderson at the BHGH Breakfast. After I expressed an interest in law, a date and time was arranged for me to job shadow. Elle drove me to the firm at 10:00 am on Monday, October 28, and I met with Scot to see what he had in store for me. The day began by talking with Rick Hosley, who worked in a part of the U.S. Army! After that exciting meeting we walked down to the courthouse, and I got to meet Judge Miller, who works on the Court of Appeals. Mr. Miller was so kind that he gave us a special tour of the Court of Appeals room, and the State Supreme Court room! I learned that the Court of Appeals has the Colorado “C” on the judge’s stand and the marble used in the courtroom floor is from the same source as used in the Lincoln Memorial. The source of the stone is a city in Colorado called Marble!  After the tour of the courtroom, Scot introduced me to Jodi Scott and Andy Lillie. Over a lunch, I learned about Jodi and Andy’s jobs. Jodi is a lawyer who helps to make sure medical supplies, food and medicine are safe for people to use and meet our standards. Andy is a lawyer that works with energy and environmental disputes. One of the things they told me to remember is that to be a lawyer you must be disciplined and hard working.  After a delicious lunch I met with Carrie Etherton to learn about her job. Carrie works with a team to make 5”-binder-sized contracts! She explained to me that a collection of freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior lawyers are working to cover every loophole. The freshmen do more of the “basic” work, while the senior lawyers work on the more difficult parts. After talking to Carrie I went with Scot to the Hogan Lovells’ library to see the rules that lawyers need to follow and look at when working on cases, contracts, and more. Then to finish the visit, Scot showed me a cool website that can search any recorded court case. I even got to learn about the mining court case that Scot is currently working on. All in all, my first visit to a law firm was an amazing and unforgettable experience.