Judy Weisiger – Circle of Hope Member-At-Large

Tracy:  Where did you grow up?

Judy:   I grew up in Denver Colorado.  I am one of the few remaining natives!

Tracy:  What other causes are you involved in within the community?

Judy:  I am involved in the Denver Ballet Guild, Regis Jesuit High School Volunteer, St. Thomas More Parish-Youth and Parent Leader, ENDOW.  These are the groups, the causes range from fundraising, retreats, serving meals, collecting coats for homeless people with the Denver Ballet Guild, Project 600 at St. Thomas More which is a large Christmas Party for inter-city DPS kids.

Tracy:  Why do you care about kids and education?

Judy:  Kids are our future!  They are the ones that are going to make a difference in our world.  If we, as a community, can help put them together well, our world will be in good hands.  To educate them, and help them grow is a huge passion of mine, because I have seen some wonderful blessings come out of time given to kids.

Tracy:  If you could give the scholars one piece of advice about growing up and being a successful college graduate, what would you tell them?

Judy:  Hard work is not bad!  What you put into something is what you are going to get out of it! Persevere through tough times, and know that the road ahead will bring you peace!

Tracy:  What’s your favorite part of being involved with BHGH?

Judy:  My favorite part of being involved with BHGH is watching the kids grow and interact with each other, and other adults.  I also enjoy meeting different people and working side-by-side with them to achieve a common goal.

Tracy:  If you could tell the whole world why BHGH is important, what would you say?

Judy:  BHGH is making a difference in kids lives!  They are the hands-on group that is helping to form these kids and give them a chance at a better and more fulfilling life!  They truly care and have a great love for each and everyone of the kids that comes into the homes!