Life as a Freshman at Kalamazoo

Hey there! My name is Thadeus. I have just finished my first semester of college at Kalamazoo in Michigan. Kalamazoo has given me the opportunity to continue to play the sport I love the most, which is football. While I feel I have learned to adjust well here on my own, the hardest part was adjusting to a fast-paced learning environment such as Kalamazoo College.  I learned to use my time wisely when it comes to studying, homework, and going to my professors when I needed help or didn’t understand concepts.

My favorite moments have been the ones I’ve made with my new friends. We have had many team building experiences with the football team but one that stuck out to me was when we went around town for a scavenger hunt. I have not only built strong friendships, but I enjoyed seeing the town my college is in and how the people are. Football has given me the opportunity to build bonds with the community and network with those who share similar goals as me. I am truly thankful for the support Boys Hope Girls Hope has given me.