Life as a Sophomore at Colorado State University

I’m Aline and I’m a sophomore at Colorado State University. My college experience thus far has been amazing. While I enjoyed my freshman year, adjusted well, and got involved I think my sophomore year has been a lot better because I’m already used to everything. I’m not a lost, nervous freshman. I am taking advantage of more opportunities such as events going on campus and tutoring services. I have also become a lot more involved with my co-ed fraternity as well as my classes in group projects.

I’m enjoying the campus life still, I think it’s amazing I’m always meeting to people and building stronger friendships and its a lot less stressful than living off campus. I’m currently a business major and know I want to stay on this track. I’m about to start my search for a concentration and I will be taking classes in various areas to figure out what that will be. For my fraternity I’m VP community service so I handle all the community service events for our chapter of 60 people. Thank you to BHGHCO for helping me reach my goals!