Liveblogging Extreme Home Makeover: Featuring Boys Hope Girls Hope

Ty and the crew!

We’re excited to see the show that’s been creating so much buzz! Featuring the cast of Modern Family and the amazing girls of BHGH of Baltimore — are you watching? Let us know what you think, in the comments!

6:09. Wow! Can’t believe it — what an amazing scene of Ty and the EMHE Crew giving the girls of BHGH a new home, a new chance! Wow. I don’t cry easily, and… yeah. I need a tissue.

6:24. What an amazing floorplan! And to make the house “all about girls AND all about education”, like one of the EMHE crew said, will be really fascinating. Let’s see how it unfolds!

6:46. The girls are having an AMAZING time in Hollywood. What a cool experience! But now the skies are darkening — the project is going to have to be on hold. But it’s TV — they’ll get it done.

6:49. WOW! We just received a check for $1000! Thanks to our incredible supporters! That gift just grew 100% thanks to our amazing advocates!

7:25. Okay, break out the tissues. The kids from BHGH of Baltimore just received FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to Loyola/Maryland. Wow. THANKS EMHE!

7:34. MOVE THAT BUS, TY!!! This is unbelievable. And not a dry eye in the place. Wow.

7:48. I want a secret room in my house, with a bust of Shaq that opens the hidden bookshelf door! What an amazing adventure for these girls. They deserve it, and so much more. Super proud to be part of helping making their dreams come true.

7:59. What an amazing event! Thanks to ABC and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for giving our girls such an opportunity, their home and their scholarships. Wow.

8:00. We raised $7600 toward our challenge of $20,000 tonight! Wow! Thanks to all our friends and supporters — you are truly spectacular. 2 weeks to go in our match — will you invest in us?