Lutheran JUMP Team Brings Joy

The look on their faces could be classified as “A Kodak Moment.”

An alarming shrill shook the staff’s ears.  “Megan! Megan!” Adan exclaimed, “Look at my room!”  Staff ran upstairs to see what had happened.  Was his toilet clogged?  Did he lose his Hunger Games book?

Staff arrived and saw something that they certainly didn’t expect.  Their rooms looked as if they had popped right out of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition.  Thanks to the Joy Lutheran Church “JUMP” team, the kids barely recognized their rooms, each room representing what they loved most.  For one boy, it was soccer, another Avengers, and Angry Birds.

“I feel like I’m ready to play soccer all the time!”  said Darwyn, Boys Hope Scholar.  Others agreed.

“It’s amazing how so little can make such a huge difference.  The rooms are barely recognizable and much less like “Goodwill rooms,” said Ana, Boys Hope staff.  “Those ladies are a true blessing.  The kids felt so good and it was so generous of them to help us personalize their rooms.”

The gracious team spent numerous hours collecting items to fit each theme…then they spent their Saturday afternoon making each room look brand new. Martha Stewart would certainly approve.

“It’s generous people like Joy Lutheran that help support Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado.”