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Academy News by Mamo

I can honestly say that the day my life turned around was the day I joined Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH). Walking into Aurora Central High School I wasn’t very optimistic about my future. You see, my school has a graduation rate below 50 percent and national test scores below average. I didn’t even think college was an option. And I knew that I didn’t have the resources to be college ready. Thank God that Ryan, former BHGH staff, saw something in me that I didn’t, and recruited me into the program.

In a building filled with thousands of teenagers and a limited facility, it becomes very easy to be just another face in a crowd of needy kids. It’s a blessing that whenever I am overwhelmed and in need of support I can stop by the BHGH office. The support provided by them isn’t limited to just homework help and tutoring but also mentoring and life coaching. I can remember how time and time again I found myself in the BHGH office struggling with one of my rigorous medical classes. Not only am I receiving help studying for my classes and SATs but I am also given writing classes so that when the time comes for writing scholarship essays I will be prepared. I like to think of BHGH as my second family because I always feel loved. The environment created by the staff promotes productivity while still allowing for great relationships to be formed between not only the students but also the adults. After my long days at school I get to live my dreams of working in health care at Children’s Hospital.

I am honored to say that I am a member of the Medical Career Collaborative(MC2), an internship program at Children’s Hospital Colorado. During my time there I get to shadow employees of one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world, and learn their crafts by working with them one-on-one. It is always the highlight of my week. And I’m very thankful for the great people at BHGH who not only wrote me recommendation letters and helped me edit my applications, but who also provide transportation to Children’s Hospital when I need it. Looking back there was no way I would have been a part of the few selected from all over Colorado, to participate in MC2 without the love and support from BHGH.