Mary Benson – Helping and Educating Youth Benefits Society

Tracy: Where did you grow up?  If you did not grow up in Denver, how did you end up in Denver?
Mary: I grew up in Dallas.  After graduating from Creighton University I had a job with the Denver Visiting Nurses.

Tracy: What area(s) do you volunteer with BHGH?
Mary: I was on the Program Committee from 2001 until December 2010 and I helped making the birthday desserts for the boys.

Tracy: What other causes are you involved in within the community?
Mary: I am a member of The Assistance League of Denver and volunteer helping distribute hospital equipment to home bound clients, and work in their thrift store on Colfax.
Tom and I take Communion to nursing homes through Church of the Risen Christ and make lunches a couple times a year for the homeless who need a meal on Sundays.

Tracy: Why do you care about kids and education?
Mary: Our youth need support in many ways to become contributing, productive young adults and I am happy to help in any way I can.

Tracy: If you could give the scholars one piece of advice about growing up and being a successful college graduate, what would you tell them?
Mary: Keep in touch with those who mentor them, chose friends with similar goals and work ethics and work hard with hope and humor.

Tracy: What’s your favorite part of being involved with BHGH?
Mary: I enjoyed both working with the program committee members and especially with the scholars.  Both worked so hard for success and they were all wonderful people to know.

Tracy: If you could tell the whole world why BHGH is important, what would you say?
Mary: Any way and time we can help our youth with a good home and great education opportunities our society benefits.  We will never realize all those who benefit from the little we do.