Meet Our Residential Counselor

By Ana Willy

Growing up, I thought every family was like mine.  I thought everyone had a mother that packed them a lunch for school every day, made a family dinner when dad got off work, and watched a football game together on a Sunday afternoon.

I had no idea how many children were living in disheveled conditions and coming home to find that dinner was Ramen, for the fifth time that week.  I had no idea that so many children live in areas where not even police are brave enough to venture…where they see gang violence and family being hurt.  I didn’t know children could wander the neighborhood for days without anyone caring.  I didn’t know that things like this happened in America.  

I had no idea how valuable my education was—how hard my parents worked to give us that gift and how so many children aren’t even given the chance to attend school.

2011 was another good year.  That’s when I joined Fr. Sheridan and the Boys Hope Girls Hope mission.  I know this one from experience… Graduating from a small Catholic college, I knew I wanted to help the mission of the Church, but I didn’t know how.  Growing up I watched all the old school Catholic movies like Boys Town, The Trouble with Angles, and Sister Act.  I’ve always dreamed of working at an organization like one of those…I saw an ad for Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado and I knew it was God’s plan for me.

Joining Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado was one of the best choices I’ve made.  Knowing every day that I encourage our scholars to grow up to be the flourishing men and women is more rewarding than I could ever have imagined.

Continuing the mission that Fr. Sheridan started helps fulfill my own.