My Trip to CU Denver

On September 14th, the Regis and Aurora Central scholars joined forces for a tour of the University of Colorado-Denver. I was especially excited because CU Denver is one of the top schools on my list due to the BA/BS-MD program. 
We came to the campus via RTD, and it was comforting to know that it is so easy to reach the campus from Aurora.  I really enjoyed the presentation from Admissions Officer Alex Fong. Not only was he entertaining and informative, my fellow scholars and I won lots of prizes answering CU trivia questions. Next, we heard from a student panel that helped us allay our fears about college life, workloads, and the freedom to explore other majors if we find our first choice is not working out. The fact that the student panel was so honest made their answers that much more helpful.
While the underclassmen with us went on a scavenger hunt around campus, the CU-Denver admissions office helped me fill out and submit my application, which really took a lot of the anxiety out of the process for me and the other upperclassmen. It is another indication of how thoughtful and helpful the admissions office is. In addition the food at the Campus Village Dining Hall was surprisingly good and offered us another glimpse of college life. 
I truly enjoyed my visit and it really helped me visualize what my life on campus would be like next year. This is easily one of the best college visits I have had, and I do hope that CU Denver can become my home for the next several years.