News from the Executive Director – Mary Frances Tharp

Spring is my favorite time of year.  I have a great garden at home.  I enjoy the process of preparing the ground, planting the seeds and nurturing the plants.  I like seeing the ground pop up as the spinach and lettuce start to sprout.   There are surprises – flowers show up in unexpected places, roses bloom an extra time, new plants do exceedingly well.  Sometimes, there are disappointments.  It takes time, making sure the weeds don’t get out of control or the raspberry bush doesn’t take over the herbs.  It’s work!  And yet, I’m ready to get out there again in the next couple of weeks, because at some point I will get to sit back and literally enjoy the fruits of my labor.


Academy Scholars
Academy Scholars

I guess for a lot of the same reasons, I believe in what we are doing at Boys Hope Girls Hope and so keep working at it.  We had an unusual “spring” moment this past fall, as we planned for our Academy program at Aurora Central High School.  It is somehow easier to see the planning, planting and nurturing happening in a brand new program.

We have a community garden at Boys Hope Girls Hope and YOU are our gardeners!

In the Academy and Residential programs, at Boys Hope Girls Hope we are busy planting “seeds” in the minds of our scholars.  We are nurturing their growth by providing tutors, mentors, learning experiences and opportunities.  Our meal moms really are feeding and watering our scholars with delicious meals.  When I overhear the unexpected conversation between a Junior and our 6th grader about college, I am reminded of the flowers growing where I didn’t plant.  And yet there they are!

nuggetsIt is work!  And the “weeding” isn’t fun.  Sometimes we have low grades or a botched test or typical teenage angst.  So, we need to do a little more “watering” to revitalize.   In this garden, we don’t always get to see the fruits of our labor, but we do see the garden blossoming.  Jorge is graduating this May. Alexis and Aaliyah are getting ready to finish freshman year. We have 38 scholars learning and growing into men and women for others through service projects, academics and hard work.

Thank you for your part in our community garden of scholars!  Your support through time, talents and treasure make our future garden look beautiful and we couldn’t do it without you!