Scholars Enjoy the Nuggets Game!

bdezi at nuggets gamey Destiny H.

As we arrived at the parking lot of the game I could feel butterflies in my stomach; it was my first professional basketball game… EVER! Then we walked through the doors of the stadium. It was amazing! It was so loud: from so many people buying merchandise, people asking for money for charities, and people selling food. When we went up the escalators the smell of nachos, cotton candy, and pizza was rushing to my face – overwhelming my senses. The $10 they gave me was burning a hole into my pocket; it was impossible not to want to buy everything in the whole place! We finally got to the basketball court; it was huge! When everybody had finally arrived it seemed like there were 1,000 people there! At the beginning of the game a group of three guys went up to sing the National Anthem. It was beautiful! Then the game started. Throughout the game there was a lot of booing for the other team, and when they had the free shots the people in the front rows had these little laminated pieces of paper and they would stand up and scream something simultaneously. It was quite entertaining to listen to them! At the end of the game it was 89 to 79, the Nuggets won the game!