Our BHGH Mentors are Wonderful!

Last month our mentors spent over 135 hours of contact time with our scholars, which is great especially since our scholars were on home break for the first two weeks of the month!


I addition to dinners, lunches out and the ever popular trips to Dairy Queen, our mentors have taken the scholars go-kart racing, to Elitch Gardens, to Rockies Games,  swimming and to the driving range.  They spent time with the scholars here at the houses, joining all the kids for dinner, helping with homework and then just hanging out and playing pool or basketball.  A few of our scholars also got the chance to attend their first Broncos game with their mentors.

Alexis and Cindy, her mentor, in Durango for a college visit

As we have two girls who have just started their senior year at Regis Jesuit, they are very much into the college visitation processes.  Our mentors have been very active in this process especially over the summer.  They have taken them on campus tours and spent the time helping them to make this very important decision.  Many of the simple things have also happened this month, such as taking a scholar to pick out a calendar for school, and just being there to talk about changes as they begin a new school, or a new school year.

As we rounded out the month many of our mentors were also able to make it to the recommitment ceremony and meet many of our scholars families.  We thank our mentors for their time, devotion and support of our scholars.