Quincy, Sophomore, University of Colorado – Boulder

University of Colorado – Boulder has been one of the most fun and challenging times in my life, thus far. I am a computer science major, and I am currently learning the coding languages of C++ and Python. Even though this major is tough, I still have plenty of time outside of homework and the classroom. I love to go hiking up the beautiful Flatirons whenever there isn’t much snow on them, and from time to time I see some wildlife up there. Also, in my free time I participate in clubs. I am currently part of a club called CRU. It’s a Christian campus ministry club that helps college students get Biblical tools to get through college. I have also participated in an intramural sport. I played volleyball for a while even though I am not good at it. Everyone on the court always had a ton of fun no matter the outcome.  

One thing I love about Boulder is that there is always a chance to volunteer or donate. I live among sixty other men and women as part of the Chick Evans’ Scholarship. The scholars and I go twice a year to donate blood. We also try to find any volunteering opportunities that we can. When we aren’t volunteering, my house and I will go out and go bowling together or play some Top Golf since we all are caddies.  

CU Boulder is setting me up for a great experience for the rest of my academic career and for my future endeavors. Hopefully within the next five years, I would like to be working in either the video game industry or as a website designer. No matter where the road will take me, I know I’ll be ready. SKO BUFFS!