Reflections of a Freshman

I go to Regis Jesuit and I love it. It was, however, a big change from middle school. In middle school, I got little time to myself apart from lunch and could do my homework in less than 30 minutes and not have any errors. Now at Regis Jesuit I have a lot of time to myself but it takes me 2+ hours to do all my homework. I also have more time, as now my classes are every other day, not every day.  

I am also more involved in school. For example, I joined soccer. Originally, I got on to the freshmen team and that is where I ended the season. But now I get along so well with the head coach that I help at varsity practice as they get ready to play in the state tournament. I feel so involved and like being with all the coaches and players. Much of this is possible because of Boys Hope Girls Hope. The BHGH program gives me many chances throughout the day to do homework and BHGH staff bring food during lunch time. All in all, I’m very happy and thankful to be here.