Regis Jesuit High School Scholar, Uriel, Discusses His Future Plans

My name is Uriel, and I am a junior at Regis Jesuit High School. I have been part of the Boys Hope Girls Hope program since October. What appealed me most to Boys Hope Girls Hope was the change into the academic system, where I would have the space and time away from my everyday home life to complete my studies. From the start, I gained basic connections to the other scholars, and throughout my time I have learned about each of their past lives and future plans. One of my most favorite times is spent laughing with my fellow classmates in the Boys Hope Girls Hope program.   

Since my freshman year, I have had much interest in Theology. Although this is a required class for every student, I was drawn to it for my own personal reasons as well as the idea of human purpose on Earth. I find those theories to be so brilliant to me.  

I have yet to decide on what I want to pursue after high school or which university stands out to me. While I have not formulated any plans for the summer yet, I want to chase down my own unique interests and pleasantries.  

My hopes for my senior year are that I get to envision clearly what the rest of my life has in store for me and what I truly want to achieve during my lifetime to become more clear. I also hope that when I leave Regis Jesuit High School, that I am remembered in some way by my teachers and peers.  I am thankful for the care I am given and the exclusive exposure to opportunities that have been given to me because of the Boys Hope Girls Hope program. Thank you for your support!