Regis Jesuit Scholar Tayaundra Shares about Language Camp

My name is Tayaundra. I have been a BHGH scholar since my 8th grade year. Since  then BHGH has provided me with so many opportunities. One of them being Middlebury Interactive Languages. The BHGH program director, Laura Conti, had provided me with information for the camp because of past interests in speaking Mandarin. Middlebury Interactive Languages is a program that offers an academy for people who are passionate about language proficiency and cultural understanding.

The academy is a four week language immersion for  rising 8th to 12th graders. At the academy you speak in your target language for the majority of the time, while engaging in meaningful cultural exploration projects. The academy was at  Saint Micheal’s College in Vermont. We even got to live in the dorms at the college. It made it  feel very similar to a college experience.  

As I prepare for my junior year, I look forward to becoming more proficient in Mandarin and  learning more about Chinese culture. I’m also excited about doing more theatre productions at Regis Jesuit High School. Since I am going to be a junior, I look forward to events like Kairos and prom. I am so grateful to BHGH for providing me with so many opportunities and helping me go to this camp.