Times of transition can be tough for youth under normal circumstances, so challenging times call for increased support.

Why is it so important to give now? Your gift will help us continue to fulfill our mission, renewing hope for young people in need and helping them continue on their journey to become well-educated, career-ready men and women for others.

Your Gift Makes an Impact

  • BHGHCO has one driving purpose: to break the cycle of generational poverty and poor academic achievement among youth living in poverty across the metro-Denver area.
  • Our Board, leadership and staff believe that ongoing academic and personal support along with character development opportunities are the most powerful tools we can use to transform the lives of children in need.
  • 100% of our scholars who complete high school with us goes on to college or to military service.
  • Without intervention, our scholars are much less likely to graduate high school and go onto college than their more affluent peers.