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Roxette, Academy Scholar, On Her Freshman Year

My name is Roxette and I’m a freshman at Aurora Central High School. Actually, by the time you read this I will be a sophomore. I was nervous about high school because I assumed I would not make friends since I am not the biggest social butterfly in the world, but this school year taught me that not all my assumptions would be correct. I joined lots of clubs and met so many people that made me break out of my shell. I also earned really good grades.

My first year at Central has been great— I’m involved in student leadership, the Aurora Lights program, and sports like volleyball and swimming. So far, the biggest influence on my high school career has been Boys Hope Girls Hope. With Boys Hope Girls Hope, I’ve gotten to visit many colleges that would be suitable for me. I especially loved University of Northern Colorado. I’ve met many career panelists that gave me a bigger insight into how many career opportunities there actually are.

Recently, I applied to Camp Neuro, a weeklong summer camp for students interested in exploring medical careers. It was a competitive year for Camp Neuro applicants and they said they received many more scholarship applications than in previous years. But they accepted me and gave me a full scholarship! I worked really hard on my application and essays and the BHGH staff were there encouraging me the entire time. BHGH encourages me to explore opportunities and I’m so glad they told me about Camp Neuro. I really can’t wait to make friends with students from different high schools who also want to pursue careers in healthcare.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the things BHGH has done for me. I am happy and excited for the upcoming years at Boys Hope Girls Hope.