Scholar Activities

Special Olympics Bowling
DaShan, Stephanie, Aaliyah, and Adan participated in community service at the Special Olympics Tournament at AMF Belleview. We split up into groups of two and kept track of the scores in each lane.  We all cheered on the bowlers and we had a great time!

We took DaShan, Adan, and Stephanie hiking at Hermans Gulch on September 25th. We didn’t realize that the hike was going to be so long so most people turned around to head back to the car. However, Adan wanted to keep going and make it to the top of the mountain. So, Maureen and Erin hiked all the way to the top to Hermans Gulch Lake.  This is a picture of Adan at the top of the mountain with his walking stick.

The Childrens Museum
Stephanie, Aaliyah, Noah, Nealand, Wiyaka, DaShan, and Adan participated in community service at the Children’s Museum on October 30th.  DaShan and Noah handed out candy, Adan and Wiyaka helped kids build things, Stephanie helped paint, and Nealand handed out tatoos. After, we all went into the craft room and helped make macaroni skeletons.