Scholar Enrichment Activity

Alexis, Carolina and Stephanie

The Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars had an awesome opportunity to go sailing this past weekend.  It was the first time sailing for all of the scholars, and they had a blast!  It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, and all of the fall colors were spectacular. They had the opportunity to learn about important vocabulary that elite sailors use like: sheets, boom, mast, jib, tack, and several others.  The scholars worked together assembling the sail boat, operating the sail boat, and then disassembling the sail boat.  Each sail boat held two or three scholars.  This meant that each scholar had a very important job.  One would steer the boat while the other(s) were in charge of operating the sails.  There were lots of laughs, bits of frustration, and a lot team building opportunities.  Overall, the crew (scholars) had a blast and learned a lot.