Scholar Spotlight

Hi, my name is Alexis.  As some of you may not know, I am the newest member of Boys Hope Girls Hope. I grew up in a small city in Virginia, called Harrisonburg. Throughout elementary school I was influenced quite a bit by my two older brothers, Jon and Robert, and my two older cousins, Chandler and Shawn. You could say I was a shy child and stuck to my family like glue. I never liked trying new things nor being away from them. Gradually as I got older and entered middle school I began to crack out of my shell. My opinions became more open causing new friendships in my life. Though middle school was a good time of making friends, it was also a hard time for family.

My brothers are my best friends and I did not like the thought of them being away from me. Robert was out college at this time and decided to move to Colorado for work. It was hard for me not being able to see him in my everyday life as it was like that for 12 years. His decision to do this, led me to decide to go to college in Colorado. I’ve been looking at Colorado University in Boulder since.

Once I started high school, it became easier as well as more options were available for me. Around the time of my second semester in Harrisonburg High School, I was working harder than ever. My plan was to graduate as a junior with all 24 credits. Even though Robert was countless miles away from me, he was my guide as to what I need to do and when to do it.  While he was involved with Boys Hope, the program decided to add a home for female scholars in 2010, officially it making Boys Hope Girls Hope.

With problems running through my family and this program now existing, Robert came up with the idea for me to come here. He told me I would be involved in Regis Jesuit High School, a private catholic college preparatory school. At this time, I was positive that this was the road for me. I stuck with my decision and chose to get involved. It was not an easy decision for my parents to make but with a long talk and thought process, we agreed that it was best for my future.

I’m grateful enough to be chosen as a scholar. The thought of this overwhelmed me for 3 months, including the process it took to bring me here. Everyday, I’m thankful God has given me such an opportunity. I look into Colorado University more than ever now. Although, I am away from my family, I appreciate all that Boys Hope Girls Hope does.

To me, everyone involved in this program has become my family. They provide a great home with positive scholars, Americorps Volunteers, and residential counselors. They do all they can to make sure our scholars are prepared throughout our middle school and high school years with job and volunteer opportunities. My brothers always tell me to never give up on my dreams and that with just a little effort, I could go a long way.

They are right. For nearly three years, I have dreamt about living life in Colorado. Thanks to Boys Hope Girls Hope those dreams can true. I’m fortunate enough to be apart of this wonderful program and to be giving this speech. Thank you to my fellow scholars for giving me hope everyday. Thank you to the residential counselors, volunteers and donors who are a part of this program. Without you, we would not be where we stand today.