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Around the House by Tayaundra

My name is Tayaundra and my first six weeks at Regis Jesuit High School have been crazy! But in a good way.

First, I had to adjust to being at a new school and the fact that I’m attending Regis Jesuit, which is huge compared to the other schools I’ve attended, like Liberty Middle School. Did you know there are three big buildings for one school?! At times I forget that the other two buildings are even a part of the school.

Another thing I had to adjust to was my class schedule, which is also different because it is now a block schedule. There are red days and white days which have completely different classes on each day. Recently, I have had to get used to the rotations in my schedule, because it rotates every 6 weeks.

Socially, I didn’t have many friends coming into Regis Jesuit so, I had to make new ones. It took some time, but now I have a lot of nice friends by my side! I like that my friends and I often eat outside for lunch and get cookies from the lunchroom during the beginning of academic support. Academic Support is the second period of the day, where we are given 50 minutes to talk to teachers, if we need help on homework or other assignments.

My classes are different from middle school too. I have both my electives, Basic Dance and theatre, in the morning this year. I have one class with two of the others girls from the Girls Hope house, which I really like! I have Theatre with my sister, Andrea, and Basic Dance with Jeanne. Theatre and Basic Dance are both really fun classes but that means that I won’t have any electives next semester, which makes me sad because then I’ll just have my core classes. This year, I am also taking Honors Biology. I like it so far, it is an interesting class that will challenge me and I like a challenge!

It just has been a lot of change but I know I will get used to it soon.