University of Denver Student, Akolda, Updates Us on Her First Year at College

Hello everyone! I am currently double majoring in Marketing and Psychology with a minor in Entrepreneurship.   

My freshman year is slowly coming to an end, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! This year I was able emerge myself into my school in a number of ways. Fall quarter, I joined the club volleyball team and met an amazing group of girls. I was excited to still continue playing a little bit of volleyball in college! Also, I was elected as a Black Student Alliance (BSA) freshman Liaison. As a member of the BSA, I am able to collaborate with several other student affinity groups on campus and host educational and social events! I hope to continue being a part of DU’s BSA in the years to come.  

Additionally, I am a part of the Undergraduate Student Governments Diversity Committee! Through Diversity Committee, I am encouraged to take an active role the climate of our university and taking steps towards making DU a more inclusive campus for all!  

In 2018, I was a recipient of the Daniels Scholarship Foundation. Through DSF, I have met some incredible scholars that have become my mentors. They have helped me navigate through campus, study for big exams, and register for classes, to going out for dinner on a Thursday night!  

Although everything moves at a quicker past, I am so happy that I chose to attend DU. Our professors are amazing people dedicated to helping us further our learning and reach our career goals.  Thank you!